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Simple Methods on How to Build a DIY Raft

Why spend a lot of money on the purchase of a motor boat, if you can make a raft for rafting on the river from improvised means? This is a reliable, wave-resistant craft, used not only for rafting, but also for crossing. Buoyancy and strength allow it to be used for rafting along taiga rivers with natural rapids and fast currents.

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DIY bottle cutter

It has long been known that plastic is able to lie in the ground for many years, without decomposing and thereby causing severe harm to the environment. To recycle such garbage, which can later be found to be useful, enterprising people came up with a bottle cutter. It cuts plastic bottles into narrow strips, which are used as a strong fixing and shrink material.

Carp fishing dough, popular recipes

Every fisherman, regardless of professionalism, knows that one of the main conditions for a large catch is a well-chosen bait. Crucian dough is the most popular hook attachment that has no analogues in the number of possible recipes. You can fish on flour balls at any time of the year and in any accessible body of water.

5 most effective folk remedies for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can easily spoil the long-awaited vacation by the lake, hiking in the forest or harvesting. Modern creams and sprays are quite expensive and often have contraindications. In this case, folk remedies for mosquitoes, which have long been proven to be effective, can come to the rescue. Essential oils from insect bites Insects, including mosquitoes, are very sensitive to odors unpleasant for them.

Toilet in the hike whim or need

If the recreation area is prepared, then it's time to move on to the arrangement of the sanitary zone, especially if a large company has gathered, they will not all run into the bushes, especially where there are none. 5 options for making a toilet on a hike A banal problem, but it must be solved radically, a long rest will require a more serious approach.

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How to adjust the straps on the backpack for yourself - detailed instructions

Going on a camping trip, having packed his things, the tourist should set up the backpack so that it is conveniently located on the back, does not rub the body with separate parts of its structure, and does not unduly load the shoulders. Therefore, it is very important to know how to adjust the backpack for yourself. What elements of a backpack require adjustment Having picked up a backpack for the first time, not everyone will understand how, and most importantly, what needs to be adjusted so that the rest does not turn into torment.

Poisonous mushrooms: what mushroom pickers need to know

Mushroom picking is a pleasant, but at the same time very responsible process. A simple inattention can lead to poisoning or even death. The reason for all this is poisonous mushrooms. And although most people from childhood are accustomed to represent in this case the red fly agaric, unfortunately, there are much more varieties of them.

How to make a harpoon with your own hands

Spearfishing The sporting interest inherent in many fishermen makes us constantly look for new ways of fishing to increase the amount of fishing and the diversity of the fishing process. The harpoon is the oldest ancestor of the harpoon, but if the legality of hunting fish with the help of the harpoon is now in question, this type of tool is gaining popularity among fishing enthusiasts.

Hunting dogs - variety of breeds

When choosing a breed of dog for hunting, not only the type of fishing is taken into account, but also the psychological compatibility of the animal with the owner. The character, temperament, and habits of the owner must correspond to the behavior of the dog. Which dog to choose for hunting? Keeping a hunting dog and preparing it for work for residents of city apartments is problematic.

Penalties and criminal liability for illegal hunting 2018

Despite the careful protection of animals and the imposition of strict sanctions, there are craftsmen who act against the accepted order at their own risk. Russian law establishes fines for hunting. For individual acts of a person can be brought to administrative responsibility. In other cases, even criminal penalties are provided.

How to get a lot of birch tar for free?

Birch tar will always find application in the economy. True, sometimes a lot of tar is needed, and buying in pharmacies with small bubbles is too expensive. It would be very convenient to make such tar on your own, but not everyone knows how to do it. This is where our article will help. There are many birches in the forest, however, a healthy tree should not be destroyed.

Silks on birds - how to make a trap yourself

Cage trap The question of how to make a bird trap concerns not only travelers who find themselves in a difficult situation, for whom the purpose of the invention of the trap is to get food. This idea is also interesting to ornithologists who want to get an interesting copy for themselves. Depending on the type of bird, its habitat and terrain, there are different traps.

How is a do-it-yourself grate-furnace made?

Sometimes, it is vitally necessary to quickly warm up with a fire, without making a big fire, to heat water or food without the expense of gas or with an acute shortage of firewood, sometimes just need a camping option of a heating-cooking or bonfire element. In this case, the stove-chipper, the survivor, or, in other words, the Bond stove, will save.

Camping Kit - List of Essential Drugs

A first-aid kit for a trip should be collected by one of the members of the tourist group with experience and complete information about all members of the group. It is impossible to foresee all the nuances, but the consequences can be minimized if certain rules are observed during the collection of the first-aid kit. Packaging It is necessary to start with this, because on a trip there is a chance not only to get wet in the rain, but also to drop a backpack into a stream or river, or simply from a great height.

How to make a tinder for flint

A knife from a tree Every avid hunter or beginner wants to have a high-quality hunting knife, which is needed not only for slaughtering and cutting carcasses of animals, but also for various kinds of work in the forest. Commercially available knives, as a rule, do not withstand intensive use, and a custom made dagger is usually expensive.

How to choose dishes for cooking barbecue

Properly selected dishes are of particular importance in the preparation of barbecue. It should be safe and practical. When choosing containers for soaking meat, special attention is paid to the material of their manufacture. What should barbecue dishes be made of, and what are the features of its use? In which dishes to marinate barbecue. When preparing meat for barbecue, use various marinades.

Camping in the woods

Camping in the forest requires careful preparation, especially if it concerns inexperienced tourists. In addition to moral, physical preparation, the presence of willpower and stress resistance, it is necessary to have equipment equipped with everything necessary, including for an emergency. If you prepare well, a trip to the forest will bring only positive emotions.